Battlesnake (Raw10) Action Figure


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BATTLESNAKE is the product of mad science. Fusing reptile DNA with radical cyber-technology and self-powered Ion Core Energy systems, the engineers in the top-secret Robotic Animal Warrior (RAW) labs created a true monster. Possessing genius-level intelligence and futuristic combat programming, BATTLESNAKE can hypnotize his prey before striking with his piercing "techno fangs." His super-steel underbelly and reinforced hood protect him from attacks, and his sinister mind makes him a threat to all living things. Walmart Exclusive, available in August 2020. Battlesnake comes with a flexible tale, moveable jaw and articulated slide out tongue! Figure comes with a FREE mini comic poster Collect additional figures from the wave: Fren-Z, Raptar and Cy-Gor. Figures sold separately