EQL Run Fair

McFarlane Toys Store has partnered with EQL for releases of some of our most in-demand products! 


We believe that everyone should have a fair chance of getting their hands on the products they love. EQL is a Hype Commerce platform which helps prevent bots and scammers, restricts fraudulent traffic, and helps ensure products get into the hands of real fans. While purchase of the product is not guaranteed, it does ensure a fair chance to win. You are only charged if successfully selected at random.


Steps required to enter a draw on EQL:


1.  Create an EQL account

You will create your EQL account as you enter your first EQL-powered launch. It is not possible to create a new account in advance as EQL ensures that only humans can enter draws, and every entry goes through a multi-step security verification process that confirms you are a human. If you have participated in an EQL launch previously with McFarlane Toys Store (or with another brand or retailer), you can use those EQL login details. Only enter once per person, as entries are deduplicated against unique identification tags.


2.  Provide shipping and payment details

Launches are always secure: Best in class security protocols make sure your information is always safe and secure. It’s free to enter and your card is only charged if you are selected as a winner after the launch ends. Credit/debit card details are required as a security measure to deliver a fair launch for everyone by helping us confirm you’re not a bot and allowing us to check if any fraudulent activity has occurred on the card.
Please Note: Using pre-paid gift cards may not pass security protocols.


3.  Verify your entry

The system safeguards the integrity of the draw by detecting and eliminating as many entries from illegitimate sources or bad actors as possible. If you made a mistake or wish to cancel your entry, you may cancel your entry ONLY if the launch is still open. Log in to your account – there will be a link that says ‘Cancel my entry’. Once a win is allocated to a launch entrant the product is no longer available for other customers to buy, and so if you’re selected as a winner we’re unable to cancel your order.


4.  Submit

It does not matter if you are the first entrant or the last - everyone has an opportunity to enter the draw during the specified time period. After the draw ends, you will receive an email or SMS telling you if you've been selected or not. If successful, your card will be charged and we will email you a receipt. If you weren't successful, there is a silver lining: you will have a better chance of success in the next applicable launch you enter! That's known as the EQLizer and just another way we Run Fair™.