Whirlybat: Batman's Aerial Pursuit Copter (DC Super Powers) Vehicle


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When villainy is afoot, BATMAN and ROBIN take to the skies with the WHIRLYBAT. Lightweight and remarkably agile, this single-seat helicopter is the perfect pursuit vehicle for maneuvering through the tightly-packed skyscrapers of GOTHAM CITY. 

  • Continuing the legacy of the beloved DC SUPER POWERS line comes a brand new batch of your favorite heroes and villains.
  • Compatible vehicles to complement new and vintage DC SUPER POWERS action figures.
  • The WHIRLYBAT features free-spinning rotor blades and tail rotor.
  • The WHIRLYBAT is showcased in DC SUPER POWERS themed closed box packaging.
  • Collect all McFARLANE TOYS DC SUPER POWERS figures and vehicles.