Brainiac w/Skull Ship: Panic in the Sky (DC Super Powers) GOLD LABEL 4.5" Figure & Vehicle


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Thanks to his highly advanced, computerized brain, Brainiac is always ten steps ahead of his opponents, even ones as clever as Superman. Ultimately, his inability to see beyond pure logic has always been his downfall. But like a bad computer virus that can never be fully purged, Brainiac always manages to turn up again when one least expects him. 

  • Gold Label - McFarlane Toys Store Exclusive
  • Continuing the legacy of the DC Super Powers line of the 80s, comes a brand new batch of your favorite heroes and villains in the classic nostalgia series we all love.
  • Vehicle is showcased in DC Super Powers themed closed box packaging.
  • Brainiac's Skull Ship features moving attack tentacles.
  • Compatible vehicles to go alongside the DC Super Powers Line, that fit both new and old figures.
  • Brainiac 4.5" figure included!
  • Collect all McFARLANE TOYS DC SUPER POWERS figures and vehicles.