Uncle Iroh (Avatar: The Last Air Bender) 5" Figure


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Uncle Iroh is a skilled Firebender and serves as a mentor to Zuko. He advises his own nephew to choose his own destiny rather than appeasing his father, Fire Lord Ozai. He remains loyal to Zuko, despite his nephews' shortcomings. Iroh is the main source of humor on Zuko's ship, his deadpan delivery providing a great contrast to Zuko's intensity and brashness.

  • 5" scale figure based off the Avatar: The Last Airbender animation.
  • Iroh is featured in his military Firebender attire.
  • Designed with up to 10 points of articulation for play and pose.
  • Figure is showcased in Avatar: The Last Airbender card-backed blister packaging.
  • Collect all additional McFarlane Toys Avatar: The Last Airbender figures. Includes lightning piece.