Fire Nation Komodo-Rhino (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Figure


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A hybrid of a giant lizard and a rhinoceros, the Komodo-Rhinos have thick skin that protect their bodies, and three large horns with two curving down from its forehead and one upward from its snout. Bred and trained for combat, they're ridden into battle by Fire Nation soldiers. Komodo-Rhino is compatible with all 5in McFarlane Toys Avatar figures. All 5in McFarlane Avatar Figures can be posed to sit in the Komodo-Rhino's Saddle and Ride. Komodo-Rhino features moving head and bendable tail with wire insert. Figure is showcased in Avatar: The Last Airbender window box packaging. Collect all additional McFarlane Toys Avatar: The Last Airbender 5in figures.