DC Artists Alley Killer Croc by Groman Vinyl Figure


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Inspired by the comic convention experience, the DC artists Alley vinyl line merges indie design with the most iconic characters in the DC universe. From James Groman, the madman artist behind the extremely popular toy series Madballs, comes a wave of DC artists Alley designer vinyl figures that are truly unique and grotesque. Each one of these terrifying figures is both designed and sculpted by the vinyl Superstar. Limited to 3,000 pieces. Stay out of the sewers! The terrifying killer croc is lurking and on the hunt for his next victim.

James Groman style is highlighted with delightfully exaggerated and gory details-exposed muscle fibers, superfluous layers of teeth and rippling and calloused skin. Growing up, he was more into movie monsters than superheroes, but always held a special fondness for Batman and his unparalleled rogues gallery. His reimaginings of these beloved characters will evoke both wonder and terror from fans around the globe.

  • Limited to 3,000 pieces